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A Twitter Tweet is a 140 characters about anyone, any topic, anything. Tweeting is micro-blogging. Clcik continue for a list of my Tweets this week. I'll list some each Thursday for those who don't twitter or those who were not online when these were Tweeted.

Twavorite Tweets Thursday

A Twitter Tweet is a 140 characters about anyone, any topic, anything. Tweeting is micro-blogging.

Below is a list of some of my Tweets this week.  I’ll list some each Thursday for those who don’t twitter or those who were not online when these were Tweeted.

Spiritual Encouragement

  • How to Read the Bible the RIGHT Way – MY Way –  the only CORRECT interpretation! 😉
  • When the Father chose to adopt us as his children, He was motivated by love alone. It is His supreme delight!
  • Life means relationships: with God, men, and things. Get your relationships right, and life is joy, otherwise it is a burden.
  • Do you have a distorted view of God? Satan tells same lies as in the Garden of Eden =God has ulterior motives
  • Do you trust in formulas? Submissive wife=hubby love? Train children in Lord= happy family? Tithe=security?
  • Free audio! “Parable of the Dancing God” New look at prodigal story-message is desperately needed!
  • Heart of an Orphan vs Heart of a Son: Fridge hanging worthy! Comparison chart from Shiloh Place.
  • Recipe for joy in life is simple: Obey whatever God commands. When unsure do whatever you calculate as the most loving thing to do.
  • ~Cup of Christmas Cheer~Have coffee with God this morning. Time with God is nourishment for our soul.
  • Turn your eyes to the heavens! See who created these? He brings out the army of them in sequence, summoning each by name. Is. 40:26
  • An intimate relationship w Christ radiates more truth than any theological argument. Abide in His love so you may show more of His grace.
  • “Life is like a school, except that sometimes you don’t know what the lessons are until you have failed the examination.” W. Wiersbe

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Twitter Tips and Tools

Recent Tweets

Look over at the right sidebar for the bluebird and you will see my most recent Tweets.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking account for connections between people sharing links and interesting things. You can join Twitter and follow people with similar interests (i.e. homeschoolers, techys, or Christians, etc).

When I joined I thought “Why would anybody do this?” But now its part of my day. It just takes a little while to get it.

Twitter launched in July, 2006 and is the most popular micro-blogging platform on the web.  Here is a video explaining more.

Gattering Your Twavorite Tweets?

Compiling the list above was easy. I use Twhirl, a Twitter Tool and mark my favorites with a heart (click). Then just copy and paste here. TweetSuite – a Twitter-WordPress integration plugin that includes a widget that will display your favotrite tweets.

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  1. LOL!! This is great Robin!! LOVE TWITTER! I did this one time with my FaceBook postings. It shows what all you do in a day too.

    I am glad to have my Twitter hooked up to my Facebook, so it updates it automatically. I also use TweetMyBlog, and it automatically sends my blog updates through my Twitter acct.

    Twitter just fits in there. Which do you use most: Twitter online, TweetDeck, Twitterfox, Twhirl?? I think there are even a couple more!
    I use TweetDeck with jacque_dixon and Twitterfox with GleaningHarvest, and I can use both accounts simultaneously. (and RT for each other!)

    Anyway, thanks for all of the great links! I love Twitter and my Tweets! I even realized that having 500+ followers likely isn’t as overwhelming as I originally thought it would be!

    blessings friend~ Tweet you later!

  2. Hi Jacque.

    I use Twirl. I thought of getting a second account for personal things, neat idea RTing myself. My Tweets go to Facebook too. I’m still a Facebook newbie right now.

  3. Cathy Tibbles

    This is agreat idea! Most of my readers (my Mom & her friends lol) don’t know Twitter. It would be fun to share my fave’s with them! Great idea.


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