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Follow Friday is a way to introduce your Twitter Followers to other Twitter Followers. I've decided to keep my list on my blog instead of posting individual Tweets.

My Favorite Twitters

Follow Friday is a way to introduce your Twitter Followers to other Twitter Followers.

Christianity is about relationships – relationships with God, and relationships with other people. Twittering is one way to interact and develop relationships. My favorite Peeps are listed below.

But first listen to “Gonna Follow You”  to see my FAVORITE ONE to follow! This is a song we taught in VBS last year.

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Rom 12:15

Encouragement is a special expression of love helping us to focus on God and resist sin! “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Hebrews 3:13.


Twitters Who Encourage

Blog or Site

jacque @jacque_dixon is my special friend, a happy homeschooling Momma to a quiver of nine beautiful children. She runs GleaningHarvest ministry for widowed & single homeschool moms and Training Daughters Teaching Wives magazine. Walking Therein

Gleaning the Harvest

Training Daughters Teaching Wives

heather @sprittibee AKA Heather is my sweet kindred spirit & photo junkie & Blissdom roommate. Love her blog. Sprittibee
worldprayr @Worldprayr To submit a prayer request all one needs do is send a Direct message (DM) to @worldprayand it is posted into the stream immediately. People from all over the world will start praying. Worldprayr
pb @pbadstibner is the prayer warriour that got me involved in above. He has been faithfully praying for me since I began tweeting (through several hospital stays). He doesn’t know it yet but I plan on picking his mind for landscaping ideas. He is a retired award winning landscape architect. Grace Through the Desert
sheila @SheilaGegorie Christian speaker, author, columnist qand; podcaster homeschools and knits all simultaneously. Super blog! To Love Honor and Vacuum
heather @Aliveinme AKA Hetty4Christ is such an inspiration! We have something big in common- God saved us both from death. Hetty is a a MUST follow. She is in deep love with Christ. Her encouraging Scripture packed Tweets motivate. His Will For Me
lynne Doni Campbell @SeekingHisFace2 is my dear friend, coupon junkie and homeschooler. Seeking His Face
gleaning harvest @GleaningHarvest Super ministry helps single and widowed homeschool mothers keep Titus 2. Gleaning the Havest
@Pamfiddler Pam ooves to tweet about Jesus. She is a fathful RTer and always inspiring. Check out her Pamisms Pamisms
problogger Darren Rose @Problogger tweets about Twitter and blogs about blogging. Sometimes he blog about tweeting about blogging and tweet about blogging about twitter. See super tips on both blogs. ProBlogger

Twitter Tips

n @HOTMonline is a super homeschool magazine tweets article updates, news, links to lots of freebies! Heart of the Matter
homeschool lounge @HomeschoolLounge Free online homeschool community announcing giveaways, and homeschool happenings. Homeschool Lounge
kathi @KathiSharpe Lovely mom of 3 adult children. Loves the Lord. Great insight, writes about Jesus, Bible, revival, healing. I am Healed
@twitter.com/spreadingjoy Marie’s job ius spreading joy of Christ and encouraging individuals to focus daily on others. Spreading Joy Corp
@Buffalaopine Debbie is my faithful friend who shows he love of God by posting inspirational tweets, links, and songs. Buffalopine
cindy rushton @CindyRushton Terrific homeschool author with tons of homeschool helps on her blog. Don’t miss encouraging BlogTalk Radio MomtoMomRadioShow . Cindys Desktop
friendlyway Sean aka @hisfriendlyway always gives encouraging tweets. His love for Jesus shines through every Tweet.
meredith @MeredithGould Writes about faith andJewish roots of Christian worship. Just So You Kkow
richard @Mcprodical Richard is a Christian prodigal son, married, apologetics, technology, math, music-loving guy. Prodical Returns
quelyn Deaquelynn Williams @QuelynnInc is a delightful, pleasant Peep I love to see her face on my puter & always look forward to her Tweets. Quelynn
el @elagrew always ready with encouraging and interesting Christian Tweets and RTs.A minister of the Gospel and ministry consultant to rural churches.
robin @PensieveRobin is a charming, fun, inspirational friend that always gives me a boost. Pensieve
chris @cgbrofmi Chris is a retired Christian wisdom activly spreading Jesus’ love. Rivers of Fire
ausy TeachingAustry is a Christian, home-schooling mom interested in sharing education nuggets and technology. Teaching Collection
Alanna Alanna Kierstead @AlannaKierstead tweets Bible verses & quotes/wise sayings, blog updates, and is a super sweetie I always enjoy.post She also under @EyesofFaith Aureate Simplicity
jim @visionsphere Jim Legington is a Christian spreading the light and love of Jesus. Vision Sphere
mary @straightstreet is a sweet inspiring Christian homeschool mom worth following.
jocelyn @aponderingheart Miss Jocelyn always brings me joy! She has a heart for Hebrew roots, strong desire to please Lord.Don’t miss encouraging Bible filled blog! Daughter to @jacque_dixon A Pondering Heart
amanda @SuperAngel Miss Amanda is Super Blessing. She is a stay at home Christian daughter Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 wannabe waiting for her man of steel 😉 Daughter to @jacque_dixon The Daily Planet
training daughters @TDTWblogroll Online magazine-style website to encourage moms and daughters in the Scriptures, written by moms and daughters Training Daughters Teaching Wives
b Tag along w @LisaMKnight for friendly cheerful helpful tweets about life and our Lord. What a sweetheart!
linda fossen @LindaFossen Author of “Out of the Miry Clay: Freedom from Sexulal Childhood Abuse” I read this moving book in one sitting. Powerful testimony! Healing for me. Out of the Miry Clay
@soundsblue Christian & administrator of a support group for women who have suffered childhood sexual abuse. I am Whole Inc
jam @WritingLight Jambalaya’s tweets are saturated with God’s word and love. Jambalaya Bessings
victoria @Nursewritter Victoria is a kick. She and I agree to disagree on some minor issues but we argree on the major ones–love of the God. Terrific writer checkout her blog. Writers Soul
@JoJoTabares Christian teaching communication with humor, homeschooling mom, author, speaker, goofball by nature Art of Eloquence.
aly @alyssaavant Alyssa is a Christian speaker and writer with a passon for Jesus. Alyssa Avant
penne @pennyraine is a Christ follower, full quiver, #homeschool Mom of 8, pastor’s wife and homesteader and almost my neighbor( about 30 miles close) Penny Raine
bunny Follow @bunnytrails this Christian homeschool mom photographer activly tweets love of Jesus with almost everyone on this page. She has a supper dooper blog you don’t wanna miss. Bunny Trails
kmac @Kmac4him loves Jesus and has a passion to Tweet His message. Lover her metophorical blog Bridegroom’s Cafe. There you can be inspired with Fine Cuisine and Christian fellowship. BrideGroom’s Cafe’
ausie @aussie_angel Annette is a another sweetie from Austrailia mum who loves Jesus.
sally @SeasideTales Sallie is a pleasant, caring, Christian homeschool mom, and Marine wife. God bless America! Mike and Sallie
pat @harvestworker Pat is a God fearing & Jesus loving sweetie, retired mom of 6. The Last Ditch
susan Susan aka @Writer993 is a cheerful Christian biblical teacher writer/blogger book reviewer & consirvitive politic junkie. Mudd Splats
m @persecutionblog 4 informative tweets remind us how blessed we are in the USA and those we should be praying for.VOM #followFriday Persecution Blog
@lilenrgzrbunny Christian, homeschool mom & pediatric nurse. Energizer Bunny
bible tweeters Bible Tweeters where Christian tweeps share their thoughts and experiences with verses of the day Bible Tweeter
creative penn @thecreativepenn Author, speaker and coach – writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and book promotion. Creative Penn
m @kaleozone Mom and follower of Jesus seeking God’s will. Kaleozone
dawn @Mommaknows Dawn is a homeschool mom of five who loves the Lord and her family, digital scrapbooking, 5kidsandadog.com
ispeakhiswords @Ispeakhiswords tweets always proclaim God’s Word.
jeana Jeana Dickinson @ CGLady Tweets are obvious she loves God and life. She has a Christian gift store. Christian Gift Place
arbon @arbonneteam Loves God & Arbonne’s Products! A sweetie tweeter. Holistic life coach. Visionary Team
cathy @CathyNagle Christian homeschool, conservative, wife, mother, 2 daughters, singer, writer. Cathy Nagle

Adding to this list weekly.Gosh, did I miss anybody? Hope not. If I missed you let me know in the comments.

I follow Christians, homeschoolers, Messianics, writers and more.


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  1. What a great idea! I’m already following many of them but I am always looking to connect with more fabulous folk on Twitter! Thank you for recommending them!

  2. OK to block Facebook apps I found a couple of sites for add-ons that will let you block everything. First, whenever someone posts one of those obnoxious “What should your REAL name be?” or other stupid thing, you can tell it to block that app individually by clicking HIDE right there on the app. post in your stream.
    Second, I found this- I don’t know if it works but it’s worth a try. I’m going to look closer at it when I have time later, as we’re on our way out the door. 🙂
    And I found this article with a script or something too.
    Hope this helps!! 😉

  3. Melanie

    I miss tweeting. ~sigh~ I just can’t keep up! When I CAN be more consistent, this is the first place I’ll go! A few of MY favorites are on here, too. 😉

  4. Thanks for such a great list. I am familiar with some of these, but not most of them, so have to do a little looking around.

  5. Hi Robin!
    I’d LOVE to be on your list! I <3 your posts on Twitter, and on Facebook. Still praying for you. 🙂

  6. Hi Robin — like Anna, I would love to be on your list, too! 🙂

    God’s blessings to you,

  7. Thanks, Robin, for including me and the ministry sites we have.
    This is a great idea and a great list!

    May you be blessed and have peace in your home~

  8. Thank you Robin, I’m honored! {{HUGS}}

    I also whole heartedly agree with what you’ve written in this blog and appreciate all the tips.

    You’re on my personal awesome list! 😉

  9. Guess I should have said from TeachingAustry so you know who Jacquie is. Thanks again Robin.

  10. Wow Robin what a nice way to do FollowFriday – love this!

  11. Thank you for this fabulous list!! I am still figuring Twitter out, so I really appreciate this!
    .-= Angela Mills´s last blog ..Homeschool Hop and The Homeschool Lounge =-.

  12. Great list! I’ve enjoyed *following* you, as well as many of the others you’ve listed here. Twitter has been such a blessing.
    Love, @brewcrew
    .-= beth @ brew*crew´s last blog ..a journey in thanks giving =-.

  13. Hey, How come I’m not on the List – I’m calling up Jesus 🙂

    Maranatha 🙂 \o/


  14. I don’t know if you are following me or not – lol’s 🙂

    I’m on Twitter @The12Apostles

    Keep up the Good Work — You’ve been a great Blessing to me in the short time I’ve somehow found you in this World !

    Thank You God, Jesus & The Holy Sprit \o/ Persevering as Best as possible 🙂


  15. Thanks for this list! I follow some of these people but will be adding some of the others today. I would love to be added someday.

    God bless you!
    .-= Christie Jarvis´s last blog ..Me LoVeS Wii! =-.

  16. tammie

    I am considering HOW and want to know if I am missing something in my review of your products. I do not see any coverage of India, Asia, Australia, Africa (other than Egypt and Isreal) in the curriculum. Am I correct?


  17. Added a few of your suggestions. Thanks!


  18. Truly inpirational! Thanks for the information.

  19. What a great list – full of some old friends and some new! I’ll definitely be doing some adding today. Thank you!

  20. What a terrific list – full of some old friends and some new! I’ll definitely be doing some adding today. Thank you!

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