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Where to get Discount or Free eBooks and What to Read Next

Where to get Discount or Free eBooks and What to Read Next

Did you get  take advantage of the recent amazing low Kindle prices?  Looking for free Kindle ebooks? My reading habit is ridiculous bizarre absurd outrageous  ambitious so I do what I can to find free ebooks or discounted Kindle books.

Christian Book Deal Facebook Group

I made a Christian Book Deals Facebook Group to post my finds (Christian fiction and nonfiction). You can join and watch or contribute.


Free Kindle Books from Overdrive

I use Overdrive to check out eBooks from my library. All you need is a library card. I’ve probably saved thousands this way. At times books are on a waiting list but you place them on hold, when available they notify you by email.

Need More Books!

What happens when you read all the books in the online library by your favorite authors? AAACCKK!  Time to find new authors. I use Literature-Map.com. I love this tool. I just finished reading everyone of Harry Krauss books (Harry is a missionary surgeon/Christian fiction author–cool huh?) So I type in Harry Krauss and get:


Several other author recommendations. Love it! I type in the new author’s name into  OverDrive to see what is available. If the author writes Amish fiction, I quickly move on a find a new author (sorry pet peeve). Before I get any book I pop over to Amazon to read reviews. Must be a 4 star book to warrant my time.

What Should I Read Next


Another helpful Book Search is What Should I Read Next. I’ve used it a lot but not so much since I found Literature-Map.

Christian Best Sellers

If you are here you love books. See my Pinterest boards:
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My Favorite Christian Fiction Authors

My Favorite Christian Fiction Books

Update: Its easier to keep my list updated on Pinterest (contemporary, no Amish).


Here are my selection of  the best Christian  fiction books I’ve read in the last few months (listed in order I read them, most recent first).

Book Cover
My Rating Amazon Review (edited) 
Mountain Between Us
Both a tender and page-turning read, The Mountain Between Us will reaffirm your belief in the power of love to sustain us. Beautiful and memorable.
life support Life Support by Robert Whitlow5 star Whitlow’s fast-paced, true to life story reflects the power to heal that ultimately comes only from above.  A combination of intrigue and inspiration, Life Support exemplifies why Whitlow has quickly become an award-winning and acclaimed novelist. Book one in the Santee Series
Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlows Fans who missed Whitlow’s Life Support will want to read that novel before attempting this sequel, which has strong moments but may be confusing to the uninitiated. Book two in the Santee Series picks up with Baxter Richardson’s recovery from a near-fatal fall from a cliff. Married to Rena, a suspicious and highly unstable woman, Baxter is faced with a choice of staggering ramifications.
From publishers of The Shack. A story to challenge and encourage, BO’S CAFE is a model for all who struggle with unresolved problems and a performance-based life. Those who desire a fuller, more authentic way of living will find this journey of healing a restorative exploration of God’s unbridled grace.


(Awakening Series #1)

Set in Digger, South Carolina, a small farming community. Dylan and his wife, Maggie, find happiness in the daily rhythms of the natural world. Maggie’s pregnancy only adds to their contentment. However, a complicated delivery changes everything; their son is stillborn, and Maggie falls into a deep coma. Like God in the story of Job, the author tests his protagonist repeatedly until Dylan returns to an underlying truth that was never really lost.

(Awakening Series #2)

Life began again for Dylan Styles when his beloved wife Maggie awoke from a coma. A coma brought upon by the intense two-day labor that resulted in heartbreaking loss. In this poignant love story that is redolent with Southern atmosphere, Dylan and Maggie must come to terms with their past before they can embrace their future.
Aurora has cared for her invalid mother for ears. When her mother dies, she experiences some disturbing dreams seem to be connected to her mysterious father, a writer who deserted her mother. A kind bachelor helps Aurora to overcome her obsessions.


(Women of Faith Fiction)

An engaging story about healing and the triumph of love. The novel is filled with delightful local color in a small Alabama town…a welcome cut above run-of-the-mill inspirational fiction.
chasing fireflies
A moving flashback parallel stories of a grown man abandoned as a child and the neglected boy will cause you to keep the Kleenex handy. Excellent.
blue bottle
In 1929, four friends gathered in a dusty attic onto make a solemn pact. “Our dreams for the future,” they whispered, placing tiny pieces of paper into a blue bottle. Years later, local news reporter stumbles upon the bottle and discovers the most poignant story of her career…and possibly the meaning she’s searched for all her life.
when crickets cry
A man with a painful past. A child with a doubtful future. And a shared journey toward healing for both their hearts.Special unforgetable book with suprise ending.
Set in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. March Longfellow’s bumpy ride through grief is realistic and reveals the confusion, struggles, pain, and helplessness in the face of great loss, even as she plows her way through the fog and discovers a new way to live.The boating death of her husband leaves March Longfellow and her son, Mason, in a painful coexistence.

The Shack by William P. Young

Read my review here. 

A Few of My Favorite Homeschool  & Parenting Authors

See more at Amazon Homeschool Discount Bookstore: Charlotte Mason Popular Living Books by theme.

A Few of My Favorite Health/Nutrition Authors

Here is a list you can bookmark and use to access all the best nutrition information in one place. To get the most out of these, read the books while you pedal on your stationary bike and/or listen to podcasts on your daily walk.

 Author  Main Book Podcasts/ Videos Site Facebook
Hope Egan* Holy Cow: Does God Care What We Eat Life with Hope and Friends Biblicaleating.net  Facebook
Dr Rex Russel* What the Bible Says About Healthy Living Drrexrussell.com
Jorden Rubin* Maker’s Diet Beyond Organic Gardenoflife.com  Facebook
Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live Nutrition Wisdom w Fuhrman Drfuhrman.com  Facebook
Dr Richard Becker Foundations for Healing Your Health TV Bioinnovations.net  Facebook
Dr Josh Axe Real Food Diet Cookbook Josh Axe Videos Draxe.com  Facebook
Don Colbert Toxic Relief Colbert Videos
Divine Health  Facebook

*Follows Bible Dietary Guideline




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